The Multifaceted Origin Of The Vampire

Of all the creatures in mythology and demonology, the vampire runs the show in contemporary literature.  Vampires have a way of arousing our deepest, darkest fantasies.  Vampire stories are a subgenre of horror fiction.  They populate dark, erotic themes that include werewolves, demons, angels, and sorcerers.

Vampire legend is a broad, mixed bag of demons, bloodsuckers, and shape-shifters.  The vampire has evolved into a charming, romantic, warrior figure.  He lives in an urban mansion, pursues his breed mate, is at war with rogues and minions, is the head of an ancient warrior clan, and brandishes cold killing steel.  He is a gypsy, a strigoi, a tlahuelpuchi, strong and fierce.

My 12 Great Writing Joys

1. Creating off the wall characters.

2. Getting to know fellow writers.

3. Posting at online sites.

4. Seeing my work for the first time online, tidbits and imagery.

5. Making a living in my own home.

6. Going on an excursion at my keyboard.

7. The information superhighway.

8. Blending dark fantasy and eroticism.

9. Surrendering to impulse.

10. Coming up with new fantasy creatures.

11. Problem-solving.

12. Expressing sexuality.