Demon Spawn

Etiene smiled, turned over slowly. “Are you sure about this?” He pulled Julietta into his arms and held her close, thought back on the night before, on how his fangs merely grazed her throat.
Julietta smiled back, dark brown eyes lit with mischief. “One hundred percent sure. I bear the mark.”
She straddled him on the carper, the silk of black stockings brushed against his bare skin.
Etiene lifted Julietta with ease and carried her to the chaise lounge. Her hands touch his face, memorizing each nuance, the dimples at the sides of his full lips.
She pulled her black studded dress up over her head. Her thighs spread slowly, invitingly garnering a sharp intake of breath from him.
“You are exquisite”. He perused her willowy form, moved in closer to the delicate expanse of flesh.  His fingers pinched her nub before he leaned in for a kiss.

     Her eyes closed as his warm lips bore down on her sensitive flesh.  His fingers held her thighs, his lips pressed against the tender skin just below the silk hosiery.

She moaned as gentle pressure and kisses stopped short of their intention.  Etiene nipped the inside of her thighs, ripped the stockings from her hips.  His blue eyes feasted on the birthmark on her golden-brown skin.

“I can’t say it enough.  You are beautiful”.

“Don’t torture me, Etiene.  I want you inside me”.

The self-satisfied expression on his face was a blessing to behold.  He sank his fingers into her thighs, pierced the tender skin.  Two fingers thrust into her tight, wet sheath at the same time to appease her as he drank her life fluid.

     The intense stir of his fangs made her convulse in unfurling waves of pleasure.  She cried out in orgasm.


Outside in the dance hall, the bouncer slammed his fist down on the counter.  “Since when are shape-shifter females attracted to demons?”

     The bartender frowned.  “She bears the mark.  That’s all I can tell you”.


     Etiene drank deeply from his lifemate, branding her exclusively his with his dark embrace.  His fingers filled her as he accepted this precious gift.

     Julietta cried out once more as a second wave of pleasure expanded.

     Etiene licked the tiny bite marks closed after he took just enough blood to quench his thrist.


Hank crushed the beer mug in his hand.  The bartender watched with fascinated horror as Hank made his way to the back of the counter.

“You have a death wish, man!  Julietta is Etiene’s woman!”

Hank ignored the warning, burst inside the office.

“Oh, hell!”

Etiene sprang up, shielded Julietta’s naked body with his.  “You are overstepping your bounds, Hank.  I am boss here”.

Hanks’s eyes narrowed with contempt.  “What right do you have to take what is ours?”

“She bears the mark.  That gives me the right”.   Etiene swooped across the room, his fangs bared and stained with blood.  “You have no claim to her”.

The sound of rustling drew Hank’s attention, Julietta struggling to get her dress back on.  His fists bunched at his sides.  “The hell I don’t!”

Etiene released butterflies from his mouth.  Dozens of breath-sucking vampires echoed through the chamber, vibrated against the wood beams.  They swooped around Hank ina swift arch.  His breath drifted in a nebulous veil in front of him, choked off and dying.