midnight epiphany

∙ tenderheartmusings ∙

walking the path
beneath incandescent moonlight
as we share similar madness,
clarity pours
from another realm
the words that make us
fill the space
between us

in the light
from our beings,
in the thoughts
mirroring our essence,
we ascend

I pause briefly
in wonder
as time slips away
only to discover
how I would 
give myself
in the fraction
 of an instant
to enter
 that state of oblivion
with you


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Soldier Of Faith

I went for my latest ct scan yesterday, got to my appoinment on time despite the fact that the bus driver turned and headed the wrong way twice on the highway. I am anxious about the results of the scan and worried the size of the tumor in my right lung has grown. I smile neverthless. God has blessed me twice, saw me through recovery of both pancreatic and thyroid cancer.

Things didn’t go as smoothly as they usually do once I got there. My IV wasn’t capped off tight enough and some of the IV contrast leaked out of the syringe. Moffitt didn’t have my favorite Mexican chili and rice in the cafeteria so I had to settle for the dreaded salad. I hadn’t eaten since the night before and was so hungry I pretended my veggie/chicken salad was a big ole juicy Big Mac and fries.

The tech who did the scan told me I was very cheerful. Even when I had cancer I was cheerful. Happiness works wonders in releiving a host of ailments and symptoms. Altogether I am content, embraced by a great support team: the wonderful and caring doctors and nurses at Moffitt Cancer Center, great and kind-hearted friends and an extraordinary and loving family, and embued faith and courage. God bless them for seeing me through this.

Playful Ships

He carries me into the bedchamber,
The moon is up casting pale shadows on the walls and rafters,
The sparse russet broadloom softens his stride,
The lamplight accents the glow of his skin,
He is gentle in his descent upon the mattress,
Mutual display of glossy skin.

I kneel before him,
Draw his tip into my mouth,
Whisper against his turgid flesh,
He strokes my back and trickles the sweetest of all sounds,
He lifts me and kisses me gently,
My head lowers as he kisses the slender expanse of my neck.

He kneels between my thighs and caresses my brown strands,
His fingers glide through the folds of my sheathe,
His shaft pounces beastly,
Deep progression,
Days dripping like honey off a spoon,
My arms span his back,
His body confers to meet my demands.

The grinding is bliss,
Passion overwhelming,
Drawn out and strong quiver,
He descends upon me,
Caresses the slick thews of my lilac,
A glow within that casts a most becoming light.

Rough Return

His blue jeans cling appealingly to his spike,

the titillating splay of his corded legs,

he leads me to a cloister,

through a soft heather meadow,

among a grove of shade trees,

a profusion of flowers delineates a Cajun cottage,

he guides me into the candlelit parlor,

the sitting room is spacious and cavernous like a showplace.


A chaise lounge sits regally among antiques and heirlooms,

amid the relics and artifacts it is a carnal totem,

its titillating curves and provocative lilac weave beckoning,

he reaches for the straps on my shoulders and gently lifts my camisole,

dips the barrier from my sheath,

he peels off his blue jeans and long-sleeved shirt,

rests comfortably on the pale violet lounge chair,

my lithesome body fuses with his,

the invasion like warm honey.


He plunges, thrums and hammers inch by inch,

brought to perfection,

he precipitates my rise to orgasm,

voracious, ravenous, unquenchable desire,

fingers burrow into my hips,

contained predatory depth,

deeper and deeper still,

he lifts me in flux,

the tension intensifying into an extraordinary pull,

an agonizing, pressing, delicious torment.


Demon Driver

Thank you, Lord, for another beautiful day filled with possibilities.  On my way to the eye doctor later, accompanying my mom to her appointment.  She drives and I am her mediator to speed demons on the road and her comic relief when she bucks her eyes to see who’s approaching from right and left at the intersection.  Then she floors it when the light turns green to make it where the road merges before the road hogs can bogart from Lecanto Highway.  Every now and then someone will materialize suddenly.  It’s like something you seek for pleasure, or even for profit, like a gold rush…the thing you will to occur, once heat on the main drag is generated.  Wishing everyone a safe trip on the road on your way to work, appointments and meetings.  God bless.

The Secret to Success? Learn from the Crabs in the Bucket

Kristen Lamb's Blog

I am like cerebral flypaper for cool anecdotes, but one that stood out to me was the story of the crabs in the bucket. When fishermen trap crabs, they just dump them in a bucket on the pier. No lid. Nothing to trap the crabs and keep them inside. Why? Because if any crab tries to climb out of the bucket and escape, the others will pull it back inside.

Many of us, when we decide to become professional authors face “crabs in the bucket.” They often look a lot like family, friends and even fellow writers. They fear failure, so they fear our success. If we actually accomplish something remarkable, we prove that success is more choice than fate.

Leave Toxic Relationships Behind

We have to let go of the old to grab hold of the new, but that’s often the most terrifying thing we can do. The past…

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