Killing Your Darlings Vs. Making Them Pretty

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Everyone has a different process for editing a manuscript.  Some people edit as they write, taking hours for each paragraph, trying to get it perfect before they move on.  Other people prefer to simply write and leave everything for later.  However, one thing they can all agree on is the necessity of separating micro-edits from macro-edits.

Micro-editing is important.  It focuses on the words, the sentences, the paragraphs as individuals— examining things like flow, emotion, description, and such.  It makes sure the narrative is smooth so the reader doesn’t get held up by a weird turn of phrase.  When you micro-edit, you’re polishing the manuscript for a good reading experience.  It doesn’t matter what’s happening in the story— it just needs to sound good.

Macro-editing is also important.  Macro-edits focus on plot, characters, and making the right impact with whatever you’re trying to do.  The words don’t matter.  At this…

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YA romantic fantasy Dragon Fire only $.99 on Kindle today and tomorrow

The Dark Phantom Review

For those of you YA fantasy lovers and dragon story fans, DRAGON FIRE by Dina Von Lowenkraft is on sale on Kindle today and tomorrow for only $.99! Read a sample chapter below. Happy reading!



Some choices are hard to live with.

But some choices will kill you.

When seventeen-year-old Anna first meets Rakan in her hometown north of the Arctic Circle, she is attracted to his pulsing energy. Unaware that he is a shapeshifting dragon, Anna is drawn into a murderous cycle of revenge that pits Rakan and his clan against her best friend June.

Torn between his forbidden relationship with Anna, punishable by death, and restoring his family’s honor by killing June, Rakan must decide what is right. And what is worth living – or dying – for.

Title: Dragon Fire

Genre: YA Fantasy

Author: Dina von Lowenkraft


Publisher: Twilight Times Books

Find out more…

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What is Writing “Voice”

Kristen Lamb's Blog

All agents want one and all writers want to know what the heck it is. If it was easy to define, then we wouldn’t have countless articles, books and classes to demystify “voice.” Today, I will put in my two cents and see if it can help the light bulb go off.

Voice is, in its essence, that uniqueness that we as artists bring to the story. Remember, humans relied on an oral tradition for tens of thousands of years. We are a story people and “voice,” in my opinion, is a holdover from that oral tradition.

Ah, but the original storytellers were not only the precursors of the modern writer, they were also the precursor to the modern ACTOR. I can imagine the one dude in the cave who used the most dramatic gestures and movements and the best inflection at just the right time AS he told the…

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Minstrel Of Twilight

He imparts a soul-stirring message
Speaks softly
Lovely to behold
My divine lover
He comes over the horizon
With feline grace
Bound and determined
A siesmic sea wave
Subsiding motion
He sweeps me into his arms
Fills me with longing
He yields to me

Dragon In The King

His skin is warm honey
Like the morning sun
Exquisite butterfly
He settles blithely
Tells me a secret
A lost melody
He leads me into a sensual dance
Just like that
Drifts with the current
Sweet torment
Sweat and coursing adrenalin
I seek comfort in his gaze
In his restless longing
The dragon aspect in his eyes
Voluminous ripples of longing
I am immersed in his full tide
In his reverence.

Promises In The Howling Wilderness

We stroll through the richest realm, through the purest of human treasure. The moon is up casting pale shadows among the relics of the grove, on the crown of my king’s russet hair. Moonlight illuminates the virgin forest, reflects full southern light upon the sylva. Shadows shift hauntingly underneath the canopy. Our hands mesh in the stirring of love. Ferns dangle like lacy parasols surrounded by a leafy mosaic. My ears drink in his mellow voice, his softly-spoken sentiment. His kiss unlocks the mystery of a deeper intimacy.

Skin Deep

A warm glow beloved by my king, a soft, sensuous allure.
I feel like an enchantress. He cups the fullness of my
breasts, views my nakedness with awe, enfolds me and
makes love to me, symbolic of power and the glory of
eroticism. He presses me into the mattress, kisses the
pulse at the base of my throat. A beautiful array of bare
flesh, sweat-covered and candent. And there the luminescent
moon descends to embrace our joined bodies.