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I’ve talked about this before, but I want to go into a little more detail about it. Everyone is always asking, “How do I make my work better?” or “This makes sense to me. Why are my readers not getting it?” If the only eyes that have seen your work pre-publishing are yours (your Mom’s don’t count), then there’s a 103% chance that your work will benefit from having other people look at it and give their opinions.

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Passion’s Tender Ballad

She pledges her love on the horizon
paints in words the transport of bliss
whispers endearments on soft-spoken tendrils
thinks profoundly of one Autumn day in heartfelt reminisce.
He gives her a passionate kiss, possessive, voracious
lingers longingly on her innocent palate
takes her into his arms unrelenting
his heartbeat renders a compelling ballad.

His warmth drifts in a sigh upon her skin
the eclipse of the moon puts them in ethereal shade
mystical ecstasy, they aim at union with the divine
his powerful, sculpted symmetry pervades.
Night things conduct a glorious symphony in the dark of night
blends with a wild of sounds from their bechamber
prurient whispers spoken quiet, hushed
bleeds the salacious story of a portrait painter.

The Brutish Passion

You are beautifully sculpted
hale and hearty
all nobility.

Blessings upon our love
binding energy
shelter in your arms
divine nature.

Your sweat
the very truth
might and main.

The love that dare not speak its name
beastly mating
living art

A masterpiece perfectly wrought
center of symmetry
beautifully aroused
you take my breath away.

Meet me on the horizon
meet me in the desert
primrose in the air
wild flower you stand panting in the clearing
of a desert gone wild
in the primitiveness of the moon.