Me, Myself & I…Working on Book 2 ;)

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Working on book 2…Get book 1 while it’s on sale!

Me: For the love of God! I cannot take it and there’s still a month to go! Ahhhhhh….
Myself: Now what?
I: *covers her mouth and giggles*
Me: I had to keep from crying when Ashley brought home a Christmas sweater….for one of the CATS!
Myself: Why would she do that? She’s never “dressed” a pet before.
I: *laughing hysterically now*
Me: She excused the cruel and unusual punishment by saying it would keep him from scratching more sore spots on his neck! She knows how I feel about dressing pets! She knew what I’d say and that I’d secretly “undress” him when she wasn’t watching!
Myself: Oh…The humility…for all involved.
I: Where’s the camera? No one’s going to believe this!


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Seeing the Elgin Marbles: Photography, Gaze, and Artifacts

Archaeology and Material Culture

IMG_5505 - CopyFew archaeological artifacts are better known than the Parthenon sculptures in the British Museum, which are commonly referred to as the Elgin Marbles.  Lord Elgin removed the sculptures from the Parthenon and Acropolis between 1801 and 1812, and they were spirited away to London for sale to the British Museum in 1816.  They remain in the British Museum today in the Duveen Gallery, which was specially constructed to showcase the Parthenon marbles.  

A flood of people stream through the gallery each day to see the sculptures, and many if not most of those visitors know the basic histories, mythological narratives, and perhaps even individual designs of the marbles.  The incessant stream of photographers capturing the statuary is not especially unique in contemporary museums, especially those displaying the treasures found in the British Museum.  Yet the frenzy of picture-taking in the Duveen Gallery suggests that many museum artifacts are…

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