Primrose petals like the golden sunset taking shape,
Dark-brown piercing eyes glimmer in the night,
My lover is soaked to the skin.

We make love underneath the candlelight of the gods,
We throb, listening to the pounding sounds of our hearts,
We are sprawled face to face as the moon casts long shadows.

Our love is eternal.

The moon turns scarlet,
I see the blithe glow in his eyes,
His arms are around me,
We are woven in the mastery of passions.

Allure of the Gypsies by Charles Yallowitz


So the third installment of the Legends of Windemere series and I was very excited to dive into it!


I will admit I am still a little sad that Nimby and Fritz are gone from the series, but Nyx and Sari are an excellent addition to the story and they really work well as a team with Luke.

The author did an amazing job by phasing out the old characters and introducing the new ones. We also get an interesting look into Luke’s family and his home town and we also find out just why Luke was in the forest that day he came across the Paladin who was dying and gave him the orders to report to the academy. That was really awesome! I love when authors give us the back story of characters we love and find out where they came from and how they…

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His Majesty

He is sculpted bronze,
Is chiseled golden-brown marble,
Wears a silver blessing amulet on a chain around his neck,
A sacred good luck piece,
Blossoms into a surge of premonition,
Sinewy and enchanting,
A deeper understanding of bliss,
And ethereal chanting,
Of love and passion, captivating,
Gazes longingly at the magic passing between us,
His Majesty with his tattooed skin,
He is sculpted from a chassis of strength,
Forged into a poet,
To his depth,
I give in.

Dance of the Damned

In the glow of the full moon,
In the night sky, the clouds gather, like the spreading of a peacock’s still,
I transform and envision my lover,
The clouds settle in and shift,
There is mist in the air,
Damp curls upon my shoulders,
As I twirl around, my nakedness silhouetted in the moonlight.
I feel the dew on my skin,
As more clouds gather,
I think of him, his passion, his wantonness,
And our forbidden love,
How his strong arms encircle my waist.
My wildest dreams,
He appears from the shadows,
Takes me into his arms and sways with me.
He speaks softly in my ear,
I move slowly in his arms,
In the shift of moonbeams,
We sway nostalgically.

The Jaguar

Shape-shifter in the center of the room,
Of perfect symmetry between man and beast, proudly he affirms his power,
Desires my kiss in this carnal passage,
Burgeoning pleasure unrelenting,
That reckless fire,
An outlaw in bliss,
Of winding paths,
Deep-rooted passion,
And ballads,
Serenade me at nightfall,
Craving and lust fuse the magic.
As he kisses my wine-streaked lips,
While I ravish him.

Self-published vs. traditional vs. hybrid vs. mutant ink scribbler

Michael J. Martinez

Traditionally published and coming May 6. Traditionally published and coming May 6.

Can’t we all just get along?

The whole “self-publishing vs. traditional publishing” brouhaha got a shot of (unneeded) adrenaline over the past few weeks when Hugh Howey — a stand-up guy and my agency-mate — published his latest round of reports over on Author Earnings. Hugh’s obviously a huge proponent of self-publishing, and rightly so. He’s done quite all right by it, and that’s an epic understatement.

The gist of his report was that independent self-published authors, on average, can take home more money than traditionally published authors. I’m sure I’m oversimplifying matters, so you can see some of his work here and here.

This led to a lot of…stuff. Commentary and ideas that transmuted into sharpened words and the occasional bit of uninformed blathering levied by genuine insights.

You know, as the Internet does.

I’m not going to get into the…

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