Change your book title and boost sales …?

Adventures in reading, writing and working from home

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I was setting up a post on my main blog introducing my two new books to the world and I thought it would be interesting to write a “making of” on this blog which is, after all, about my adventures in reading, WRITING and working from home … And the title of this piece explains it all, really – can tweaking your book titles change your sales profile?

Funny book titles equals higher sales? Hm.

My first book was called “Going it Alone at 40: How I Survived my First Year of Full-Time Self-Employment“. I realised there was a danger of people only reading the first part of the title and thinking it was a guide to empty nest syndrome or divorce, but it was my first book, so I could ‘leverage’ that and tell the world about my book…

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Is Writing Erotica Right for You?

Anna Ellis

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Is Writing Erotica Right for You?

by Tracy Cooper-Posey

I’m sure you’ve heard of erotica, “romantica” and of erotica authors making fabulous amounts of money. If you haven’t, you must be so new to popular fiction you don’t know dick about it.

Did “don’t know dick about it” make you blink a little? Yes, that was intended to shock you. Erotica is shocking, if you’re new to it. But if you think it’s just pornography with a pretty tag, think again. The quote I just used and others like it are found in erotica, but that’s a tiny glimpse of the big picture. Read on and discover the rest of it, for erotica is different.

A clear definition is difficult. Erotica has tentacles in a dozen genres. It’s also a genre of its own. It’s not sufficient to say erotica is a story with explicit sex…

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Book review: ‘The Heiresses’ by Sara Shepard

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The HeiressesIn the wilds of Manhattan are four wealthy women — all heiresses to the sizable Saybrook diamond fortune. When their grandfather returned from World War II with a rare, valuable gem, he couldn’t have known how his empire would expand . . . or how his granddaughters would someday work to either protect or squander it.

Corinne, Poppy, Aster, Natasha and Rowan are differing cousins with one major bond: the Saybrook name. Though Natasha has renounced her claim to the family fortune, the others spin around the sphere of the successful jewelry company with varying definitions of success. But when tragedy strikes, grievances are aired — and it’s obvious not everyone thinks the Saybrooks walk on water. In fact, someone wants to bring them all down.

Sara Shepard’s The Heiresses is fast-paced rich-people voyeurism at its finest. Manhattan addresses, fancy clothing, scandal, intrigue, mystery . . . and death. It’s…

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Catskinner’s Book by Misha Burnett – a Review

Linda G. Hill

Catskinner's Book (The Book Of Lost Doors) Catskinner’s Book by Misha Burnett
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Full of non-stop action, I loved the twists and turns as the story of James and Catskinner unfolds. This well written sci-fi novel by Misha Burnett is set in a realistic world into which a reader can escape. Alive with imaginative creatures, Catskinner’s Book is an original that I had a hard time putting down.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a great sci-fi story, and I couldn’t wait to start into Book Two – Cannibal Hearts.

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Carnal Poetry

I paint his body with my kiss,
Savor from his strong chest to his supple thighs,
Take in his sharply drawn breath.

He throbs underneath my touch,
And then my crowning glory is painting his shaft with lavender oil and working my hand in a circular motion,
As if I’m following a spiral staircase with the gentle stroke of my fingers down his manhood until he spurts.

He paints my body with his touch and flowing words,
As I lie underneath him wanting and imploring him to erupt.