Australian Women Writers Challenge 2014

Queen and Sword


For some reason over the past week I’ve been wanting to delve into the world of being a book reviewer.  I don’t know why that is and then I discovered the Australian Women Writers Challenge and decided is was perfect for me and signed up.

Here is a little explanation from the AWW Blog about what it’s all about

What is it?

The 2014 Australian Women Writers Challenge was set up to help overcome gender bias in the reviewing of books by Australian women. The challenge encourages avid readers and book bloggers, male and female,

Australian and non-Australian, to read and review books by Australian women throughout the year. You don’t have to be a writer to sign up. You can choose to read and review, or read only.

You can visit them here if you would also like to sign up.

Because I’ve joined late in the year I’m only going…

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The Exorcism Begins in Three Days…

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Jonathan Janz

EXORCIST ROAD is coming. If haven’t heard about this brand-new plus-sized novella, here’s the description:

Possessed by a demon…or by the urge to kill?

Chicago is gripped by terror. “The Sweet Sixteen Killer” is brutally murdering sixteen-year-old girls, and the authorities are baffled.

A seemingly normal fourteen-year-old boy has attacked his entire family and had to be chained to his bed. His uncle, police officer Danny Hartman, is convinced his nephew is possessed by a demon. Danny has sent his partner, Jack, to fetch the only priest in Chicago who has ever performed an exorcism.

But Jack has other plans tonight. He believes the boy isn’t possessed by a demon, but instead by an insatiable homicidal urge. Jack believes the boy is the Sweet Sixteen Killer. And he aims to end the reign of terror before another girl dies.

A Demon...and a Serial Killer A Demon…and a Serial Killer

This story combines the ferocity of…

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AFTER MIDNIGHT (Black Phoenix 1) — G Excerpt #2

Release Parties @ TRS

AFTER MIDNIGHT (Black Phoenix 1) by Sarah Grimm
contemporary romance

Available at AMAZON and other retailers.


“You can’t possibly understand.”

“Help me to understand. Christ, Isa, you can’t give me bits and pieces and expect me to see the whole. You’re angry with me for not being happy with you, but how could I be when you kept that person from me? I don’t know you, not because I didn’t ask the right questions, but because you never trusted me enough to let me in.” Because he couldn’t help himself, he trailed the back of his fingers down her cheek. “You’re right about me, I want more. I want all of you.”

She shifted minutely so that he had no choice but to drop his hand. “I can’t give you that.”

“You mean you won’t.”

Turning her back on him, she opened the driver’s door of her SUV and reached…

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Crazy for Crab in KL

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Situated only a short drive from the coast, KL has access to an abundance of seafood and crab is a particular favourite. There are numerous restaurants dedicated to this tasty crustacean and diners flock in their hundreds to crack open their shell and feast on the succulent pink meat inside. Here are nine very different crab dishes, inspired by cuisines from around the world, that are much talked about amongst KL’s foodies.

1. Crab Curry at Devi’s Corner

Crab is not commonly found at banana leaf eateries, therefore its a must-try treat at Devi’s Corner, if not a little expensive relative to what one would usually pay for a banana leaf meal. Flaked crab meat is veiled in a thick, silky and richly-spiced gravy, enhanced by coconut milk. Its an addictive, but rather spicy, combination when soaking into the fluffy white rice. The sides of stir-fried spicy greens, tangy mango…

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