Why Do You Need A Literary Agent?

CJC Writing101

Dear Writer,

Ask yourself: Where do you see yourself? Where do you see your book(s)? Most importantly, where do you see your future?

If you’re hoping to one day see your work in Barnes and Noble, you probably need a literary agent.

If you’re dreaming to one day be a bestselling author, you should probably consider a literary agent.

And if your work is polished, edited to a perfect, clean manuscript, read by critique groups and other writers (NOT just friends and family), revised to the best of your ability, and you’re satisfied enough with it so that other professionals will take a look at it and probably judge you, chances are, you’re ready for a literary agent.

Nowadays, it seems like self-publishing is taking over publishing. While this is true in some respects (based on markets, sales, traditional publishing and self-publishing comparatively, and the motives behind each), traditional publishing…

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