I give in to your beguilement
Allocate temptation to reciprocate the passion
With the arch of my neck and my restless hands
I touch your lips
Yearning and hungering for their caress.

You lower your lips to my neck
Breathe in my scent with a mixture of yearning and watchfulness.

My eyes range over your face
Linger on the full lips I have savored.

You glance down at the robust bosom pressed against your chest
Your warm gaze traveling reverentially over my sinuosity.

My voice professes wild secrets
Unveils the sexual voodoo sheltered in my mind
Whispers, “I love you”,
How I want you to caress my goddess curves
How I want you to take me rough.


My mind is an empire of rebellious seduction
My body wet and turbulent with ripples of stark elation
I can feel your turmoil echoing mine
The culmination of your hunger as you follow me in climax.

My orgasm grows to a crescendo of symphonic bliss
You bequeath your gift of holy sins
The ecstasy of your touch starts anew.

Thoroughly pleasured, again i straddle you
My cheeks flushed
My womanhood wet and yearning for the warmth of your shaft
It is all ecstasy and pandemonium
Your strong arms are a prison around me
Trapping me
Giving me hours of euphoria.

Dream Lover

You appear in the dark of night
Whisper sweetness into my dreams
You awaken me with a kiss
Your voice, your gentleness.

You brush the seat of my panties
Pluck at my moist petals
Your prurient words veiled in the scent of chai tea
You take me
Possess me
Not yet finished.

I engulf every inch of you
Focus on the soft timbre of your voice
Feel a sense of euphoria
Feel safe and whole in your arms.

I gaze at the panorama of your arousal
The intoxicating and damp mix of our bodies together
I am drunk in the joy of ecstasy
Drunk by the love of my king.